What is hot – Rose Hip Oil

Aside from the buzz with celebrities using Rose Hip Oil. I hear more and more from male and female friends (naturally great for Gender neutral as well) raving about Rose Hip Oil. My friend Geordie has posted on my site MyZen.Blog. Why you should use my product. It is Australian made, quality, has the additionContinue reading “What is hot – Rose Hip Oil”

Environmentalist but Meat & Dairy Eater

I love animals and I am kind to them. I am an Environmentalist, admire Vegans/ Vegetarians but I am a mammal and like my meat and dairy. Listening to Joaquin Phoenix (among others) passionately talk about less Environmental impact like always I consider changing to a Vegan/ Vegetarian (VV) or Fish and VV . IContinue reading “Environmentalist but Meat & Dairy Eater”

Don’t forget to look out of the window

When the world is going crazy, life is hectic, look outside. Breath, take in nature, see the ants on the ground, the birds flying past, the laughter of children, people smiling. Get an essential oil massage with warm stones, go swimming, have a herbal tea, watch a comedy, get a manicure. Do whatever it isContinue reading “Don’t forget to look out of the window”

Walk those cobwebs in the brain out and drain out white noise

I just came back from a 4 hour walk and encourage people to do the same. No one is more responsible for their own mental and physical health than ourselves. A few years back I went to a concert and could not believe the crowd was more interested in filming and texting their experience insteadContinue reading “Walk those cobwebs in the brain out and drain out white noise”

Bush Fires – I Pray that they end soon

It is very humid 34C with rain and then the temperature will drop to 18. Daily I hear sirens. Where I am is in the suburbs but also close to Bush land and farms. We have had fires around us and in the farms and wilderness. It is usual to see Kangaroos around us andContinue reading “Bush Fires – I Pray that they end soon”

Forget New Year Resolutions Now!

I used to make resolutions and I would be totally frustrated when I couldn’t achieve them. About 15 years ago I stopped making them and have never been happier. What I started doing instead was a list of things I wanted to achieve. A mixture of small and big achievements and I wrote this inContinue reading “Forget New Year Resolutions Now!”

Current Sydney and Melbourne photos at the moment – covered in smoke

From my place it smells like wet burnt wood. Again I still hear sirens not far away. I don’t recall in all these years such an affect. My heart goes out to the many who have died, the injured, those that have lost their homes, their animals, their farms. Ozi..always supporting each other, working hard,Continue reading “Current Sydney and Melbourne photos at the moment – covered in smoke”