Use your passion to achieve what makes you happy.. My philosophy

MyZen.Blog Everyone has unique likes, be it music, sport, the arts, interest in humanity, animals etc. One thing is for certain, without passion there is nothing to make you happy. Have you ever watched an artist designing a glass sculpture or a piece of furniture or a cake decorator, or a sportsman/woman, a musician etcContinue reading “Use your passion to achieve what makes you happy.. My philosophy”

Finding positives

MyZen.Blog Being an incurable optimist I don’t look at things negatively when they run out when I shop but positively,. For example, flour runs out and there is coconut flour. Hmm I say, haven’t tried that before. I will give it a go. Or the brand I like isn’t there I will try another brand.Continue reading “Finding positives”

Big Brother is watching you, 28 March 2020

MyZen.Blog On a Friday, in Melbourne, this is usually so busy that you walk past a crowd. not yesterday. What was evident was that people are scared and confused. Some were wearing their own version of a mask (scarfs, material, masks with vents, paper masks, no mask) and some even wore plastic or other gloves.Continue reading “Big Brother is watching you, 28 March 2020”

Tap dancing, meditating, rollerskating, skipping? Try something new for fun. Have an awesome day


Self isolated or isolated because of Coronavirus – virtual travel the world etc.

MyZen.Blog If you are self or otherwise isolated because of the Coronavirus here are some fun ways to escape the boredom. Exercise – become a lean, mean machine (unless your doctor advises against it) Have a routine. Think of things to do Support/ or get support from friends and family via phones, video chats etcContinue reading “Self isolated or isolated because of Coronavirus – virtual travel the world etc.”