Today in Melbourne, 5 May 2020

MyZen.Blog Despite a local teacher testing positive for COVID 19, quite a lot of people didn’t appear to be too bothered and more shops were opened in lieu of Mother’s Day coming up and people hoping for less restrictions announced by the Morrison Government on Friday. Shops – 45% open, rest closed. Everyone still liningContinue reading “Today in Melbourne, 5 May 2020”

Social skills and the COVID19

When I used to walk before COVID19, people would be enjoying the day, say hello, maybe walk with a friend. Now, it is like you come close to a person and they have a look of fear. Almost move across the road (sadly ditto me). I fear one of these days that someone will beContinue reading “Social skills and the COVID19”

Become a lean, mean fighting machine=weapon against Coronavirus

MyZen.Blog The World has survived Wars, Fires, Droughts, heartache, personal loss, etc etc. We will get through this. Your best defense is supporting each other and looking after your health and sanity. Eat healthy, drink water, get support if you are not coping.

Lonely Planet Virtual Tours to enjoy