My special message to you.. I can see smiles ahead.

MyZen.Blog Today, I feel as a giant bomb (Covid19) has exploded and it is all about the blame game and social media and the news and frankly most of the world has become angry. Lives have been lost, jobs have been lost, there is an uncertain future and understandably people are angry. Today, instead ofContinue reading “My special message to you.. I can see smiles ahead.”

Somewhere over the rainbow / What a wonderful world.

MyZen.Blog MyZen.Blog The mind is a powerful thing. Determination can make for achievement. However, with the Coronavirus and walking around my local supermarkets Woolworths, Aldi, Coles) and seeing many shelves still empty (Store management are finding it hard to keep up with demand as evident with signs) and seeing the many frustrated and sad facesContinue reading “Somewhere over the rainbow / What a wonderful world.”