Today in Melbourne 19 May 2020.

MyZen.Blog I am not sure why, but there were lots of Police men, probably because this was a larger Shopping Centre. Myer was closed, so on line was the go. Skin care products like Lush and The Body shop had no more smelling the products or touching them, no more samples. It gets really hardContinue reading “Today in Melbourne 19 May 2020.”

MyZen.Blog The Pledge/The Movement

My greatest wish is for the world to adopt a happier, healthier and more responsible state of being for the advantage of health, happiness, animals/birds/fish and Planet. The Pledge: Simply Look after me (Eat healthy, exercise, drink plenty of water) Look after you (Be kind to others, listen and try and understand different points ofContinue reading “MyZen.Blog The Pledge/The Movement”