Today in Melbourne 28 November 2020

MyZen.Blog Photos attached Lots of ‘Sales’ in Melbourne. I couldn’t believe it when furniture at Harvey Norman was $400 dearer on ‘sale’. Though, there was quite a few things that were bargains. It was annoying to see so many people not wearing masks, or with the noses hanging out. The travel places now had drivingContinue reading “Today in Melbourne 28 November 2020”

Today in Melbourne. Swimming with restrictions, 20 November 2020 My COVID19 restricted swimming experience. I haven’t gone swimming in about a year. I was living and working in China (before COVID19), then COVID19 came, plus restrictions. I could feel muscles I haven’t used in swimming groaning at me, but I love the no pain, no gain. I also love working out period; evenContinue reading “Today in Melbourne. Swimming with restrictions, 20 November 2020”

Today in Melbourne. Xmas is back on Nice to have people happier, buying gifts and calendars/diary/stationary (finally, really needed these) and much needed retail and food/sit down therapy. It was so good not to be restricted in where and when you could go. But you know when you try and let out a caged bird, sometimes it fears going out. AlsoContinue reading “Today in Melbourne. Xmas is back on”