Will we ever relax after COVID19 ?

MyZen.Blog At the moment Australia has a pretty good track record re COVID19. Not so other countries. For example, USA, Spain and Italy. If someone offered me a free ticket to these countries, begs the question, would I go? Also, if so, after what time will I feel safe? Many have developed a new hygieneContinue reading “Will we ever relax after COVID19 ?”

MyZen.Blog The Pledge/The Movement

My greatest wish is for the world to adopt a happier, healthier and more responsible state of being for the advantage of health, happiness, animals/birds/fish and Planet. The Pledge: Simply Look after me (Eat healthy, exercise, drink plenty of water) Look after you (Be kind to others, listen and try and understand different points ofContinue reading “MyZen.Blog The Pledge/The Movement”

United we celebrate out beautiful planet. Have an awesome day!

MyZen.Blog Warm sun on your face as you look up to the beautiful blue or grey sky with or without fluffy white clouds. A gentle breeze caressing or maybe soft rain or powerful floods and rain awakening your senses. This is our planet and it is precious. Enjoy it, consider it and prolong it’s existence.Continue reading “United we celebrate out beautiful planet. Have an awesome day!”

Don’t leave things till it is too late.. Have an awesome day!

MyZen.Blog Enjoy Canary Islands video People get busy, they relocate further away, there is never enough time, they forget their priorities and then it is too late. It is too late to focus on your health, so you neglect doing enough exercise, eating the right food for you and drinking enough water and then theContinue reading “Don’t leave things till it is too late.. Have an awesome day!”