Exercise is my sanity

I walk a lot; up to 4 hours some days. I look at the birds, the different flowers blooming, blossoms/leaves changing color and falling on trees, the changing colors of the sky, places of interest and I think. It calms me down. I also swim laps (I miss that at the moment) and do someContinue reading “Exercise is my sanity”

Think outside the square – to entertain yourself.

MyZen.Blog Some suggestions in down time: Exercise, spend some time in your garden, weed and make it beautiful. Do some handy work you have been putting off for ages. Knit a scarf for the winter. Make some furniture (heaps of videos on how to do this on utube). What about painting a picture, or yourContinue reading “Think outside the square – to entertain yourself.”

Self isolated or isolated because of Coronavirus – virtual travel the world etc.

MyZen.Blog If you are self or otherwise isolated because of the Coronavirus here are some fun ways to escape the boredom. Exercise – become a lean, mean machine (unless your doctor advises against it) Have a routine. Think of things to do Support/ or get support from friends and family via phones, video chats etcContinue reading “Self isolated or isolated because of Coronavirus – virtual travel the world etc.”