A year ago, today in Disney Shanghai, China

MyZen.Blog Photos and video attached I took a Taxi to Disneyland which cost me around $20. It was nice to be driven and look at the sites from a different vantage point. Disney was spotless, lots of food, western and Chinese toilets. Amazing gardens and frankly absolutely beautiful but the lines will kill you. YouContinue reading “A year ago, today in Disney Shanghai, China”

We all need TLC, someone to listen, to care..smile

MyZen.Blog Virtual Tour of Disney World attached. Have you ever wondered why some people seem to be perceived as better people, more approachable and get ahead more? It is not Rocket Science and I hate to break it to you..the fact is no body really cares about you, especially in these stressful times. If forContinue reading “We all need TLC, someone to listen, to care..smile”