Think outside the square – to entertain yourself.

MyZen.Blog Some suggestions in down time: Exercise, spend some time in your garden, weed and make it beautiful. Do some handy work you have been putting off for ages. Knit a scarf for the winter. Make some furniture (heaps of videos on how to do this on utube). What about painting a picture, or yourContinue reading “Think outside the square – to entertain yourself.”

Self isolated or isolated because of Coronavirus – virtual travel the world etc.

MyZen.Blog If you are self or otherwise isolated because of the Coronavirus here are some fun ways to escape the boredom. Exercise – become a lean, mean machine (unless your doctor advises against it) Have a routine. Think of things to do Support/ or get support from friends and family via phones, video chats etcContinue reading “Self isolated or isolated because of Coronavirus – virtual travel the world etc.”

Important things to consider

MyZen.Blog Gweneth Paltrow is selling designer masks; can’t blame opportunists in this world. The Italians are lifting the world’s spirits with singing etc, which is awesome. But you know what are the most important things to consider and that is hygiene and safety. Let us look at how people are getting rid of the virusContinue reading “Important things to consider”

Boris Johnson is an unconscious sadistic criminal.

MyZen.Blog ” If enough people develop an immune memory of a new disease, it stops spreading, even if part of the population is not immune. This is herd immunity: it is effective, but it is typically only seen as a preventive strategy in vaccination programs. In this case we do not have a vaccine andContinue reading “Boris Johnson is an unconscious sadistic criminal.”

So we shouldn’t go to 500 plus people events in Australia?

MyZen.Blog According to Woolworths Group ( 2020)  they serve over 29 million customers across our brands every week and have 995 stores. According to my calculations that is approx 29, 146 people visiting each store. I won’t even consider other retailers here because obviously a lot of people visit retailers, especially Coles, Woolworths and Aldi. I won’tContinue reading “So we shouldn’t go to 500 plus people events in Australia?”