Is our privacy and health compromised daily?

MyZen.Blog Go into Chemist Warehouse, Hospitals and Local Medical Clinics and you are temperature tested, asked to put sanitizer on and even to sign in. While some retailers ask you to wear gloves before you buy fruit and then we have the social distancing rules. Yes, if asked I do these things but my concernsContinue reading “Is our privacy and health compromised daily?”

Easy Recipe – Sarma (Cabbage Rolls)

Ingredients Cabbage leaves (washed with water to remove salt) Mince pork/beef (lean) 500 grams-1 kilo..up to you. This is optional. You can just use rice for vegan variety. Sunflower oil as needed for frying. 1 Tablespoon Vegetta stock/vegetable stock, Black pepper pinch or more , 1 Table spoon Cayene Pepper, 1 cup Brown rice. (ForContinue reading “Easy Recipe – Sarma (Cabbage Rolls)”