One year ago, the rest of magical, breath taking Beijing.

MyZen.Blog. Please see the is beautiful. I had an amazing time in Beijing. If there was no pollution I would’t mind living there for a spell. I ticked off climbing The Great Wall of China but didn’t get to see everything due to the time limit.I thoroughly recommend a visit.

Beautiful Beijing or Peking.. place of famous Peking duck. China a year ago

MyZen.Blog Virtual Tours attached I was so happy to tick the Shanghai Maglev train (top speed of 431 km/h (268 mph), is the fastest train in China. Note to self BYO food next time. The food on board was absolutely awful and expensive!), Tieman Square and The Forbidden City off my bucket list. Magical, beautiful,Continue reading “Beautiful Beijing or Peking.. place of famous Peking duck. China a year ago”

42C in Melbourne comparing to China

I had the pleasure of working in Shanghai, China for 3 months Lecturing/Tutoring recently and it was an amazing experience. Everything was bigger and on a larger scale and very educational. The train stops were further apart, I walked most days at least 4 hours a day purely because it was bigger because to driveContinue reading “42C in Melbourne comparing to China”