Road trip April 2021, Ned Kelly and Glenrowan, Wangaratta, Victoria, Australia I learnt that Ned Kelly’s real house was fenced up from people stealing and robbing graves from relatives buried there. Quite sad.

Today in Melbourne. Xmas is back on Nice to have people happier, buying gifts and calendars/diary/stationary (finally, really needed these) and much needed retail and food/sit down therapy. It was so good not to be restricted in where and when you could go. But you know when you try and let out a caged bird, sometimes it fears going out. AlsoContinue reading “Today in Melbourne. Xmas is back on”

What have we learned from Tertiary providers being deregistered? Attachment Buying off the shelf shelf curriculum resources that include marking guides, marking documents, Books, PowerPoints and other resources is not sufficient just to maximize profit. Neither is trying to pay staff the minimum possible rates. Staff need to protect their reputation and that of the Tertiary Educator. Resources are limited in time &Continue reading “What have we learned from Tertiary providers being deregistered?”