Walk those cobwebs in the brain out and drain out white noise

I just came back from a 4 hour walk and encourage people to do the same. No one is more responsible for their own mental and physical health than ourselves.

A few years back I went to a concert and could not believe the crowd was more interested in filming and texting their experience instead of enjoying it. What happened to hide and seek, cricket, basket ball etc played by kids in the street?

I often get visitors who don’t talk but rather surf TV channels or are fixated on their latest mobile phone or all the white noise. No wonder we have so many people with mental health issues. Who really cares who has the latest mobile phone? Does anyone really notice?

Do we really need the latest gear and gym membership? Walk I say, talk to people, laugh and laugh often.

Bush Fires – I Pray that they end soon

Photo by me 2020

It is very humid 34C with rain and then the temperature will drop to 18. Daily I hear sirens. Where I am is in the suburbs but also close to Bush land and farms. We have had fires around us and in the farms and wilderness. It is usual to see Kangaroos around us and other wildlife. Meters from friends and relatives’ houses there have been evacuations but people are back now. Some have lost their houses.

I get emotional seeing the Ozi Spirit and community rally together, donate, help each other. I hope the cooler weather helps. However, the grass is like straw, trees in the nearing woods dry.

Today and on Saturday 11 January 2020, Emergency Services have indicated that elevated fire risk conditions will worsen. Winds will only add to the emergency. We are told to be prepared, monitor conditions on www.emergency.vic.gov.au and on the VicEmergency app. Also, to listen to advice from emergency services. It is times like this that you are thankful for the simple things: clean air (there are days with high pollution, poor visibility, difficulty in breathing for people with Asthma, the elderly and those with other medical conditions); water (we had half a day that our water was shut of); there is a roof on our heads (as I said people have lost houses, farms, animals) not too far from me. It is only 10 January, Summer is January and February..scares me of what else could come.


2020 Do not let any one stop you achieving what you want

Plan for it-with celebration steps along the way.

Be determined.

Use negative people to learn from.

Use positive people to inspire you.

Do not let brick walls block you..go around them, over them, try and try again.

Wanted bad enough..you will succeed!

Don’t we all need this?

Come on World Leaders, come everyone to Melbourne!

 (Photograph: Sarasota Experience/Big Bounce Australia)

Donate but also visit beautiful Australia-this photo is a lie!

This article is eye opening. Please visit beautiful Australia. Contrary to a photo shopped and MISLEADING burning Australia maps the entire country is not burning and there are so many places to visit, experiences to be had and people to meet. Please come to Australia

An artist's visualisation of one month of Australia fire data


Forget New Year Resolutions Now!

State Library of Victoria

I used to make resolutions and I would be totally frustrated when I couldn’t achieve them. About 15 years ago I stopped making them and have never been happier.

What I started doing instead was a list of things I wanted to achieve. A mixture of small and big achievements and I wrote this in a book. Naturally life intervened and along the way I may have unexpectedly achieved other things. For example, I never thought I would be Lecturing in China last year (hmm it is already last year) and as a result I ticked off Walking on the Great Wall of China and other things. These I would also add to my book. So, you know what the best thing was? At the end of the year by writing down and ticking of what I did achieve the year made me so happy.

Also, the other thing I embraced was the simple fact that many people have achieved later in life and you don’t have to be qualified in every discipline. Life is a combination of chance, networks, opportunity, desire, and most importantly determination. Yes, Education helps and I recommend that but I recommend all learning. If you want to achieve something in 2020 do it and above all be good to yourself!

Celebrating Macedonian Orthodox Xmas

I am very much an Omnist or Agnostic and the common threads of goodness and kindness. Historically as a Macedonia I respect my heritage. Most Christians in Macedonia belong to the Orthodox Church celebrate Christmas on January 7th (The Orthodox Church use the ‘Julian’ Calendar for their festivals). Christmas celebrations really start on 5th January which is called ‘Kolede’. https://www.whychristmas.com › cultures › macedonia

Peace on Earth for all

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