Ozi Firefighters dance to rain


Reminder the importance of working together and to communicate

Yesterday, in my excitement to be at an Ozi Farmer’s market I forgot to get cash for my purchases. Though I should really say I usually don’t carry cash and don’t feel the need for it. What surprised me was that all the sellers except one only accepted cash and the nearest ATM was a car trip away and I was likely not to come back.

However, the one seller not only accepted card but for $1 I could get cash out. She used a square reader (around $50 from most Office suppliers). Not only that, she promoted this so that I could make other purchases. The result was that I did purchase my awesome fresh farmer’s produce.

I also ended up informing the rest that the one person had cash out availability so that next time when a person didn’t have cash, they could rely on this one person to help them. As a Global Business Analyst/Adviser/Educator it astounds me the many times I find non communication and lack of Partnerships, Bottom Up Management style, no Continuous Improvement mindset, and not listening to others is the root cause of loss of revenue, staff leaving work places, bad Media, unhappy community and even the Global Leaders looked down upon. Begs the question, why is this so hard? Please talk to people, work together, listen for maximum impact and yes to avoid loss of revenue.

Congrats to Benji Madden & Cameron Diaz on the birth of their daughter Raddix

Every day it seems there is a new fire, a new evacuation. Even where I am there have been spot fires, there will be back burning and for the first time since I can remember there will be a Fire Emergency Information Meeting on Sunday. Then there is the news about threatened retaliations…and then a child being born. I would like to think that that is a sign of hope.

I would like people to always be kind, help each other, grow as individuals and just listen to each other and the warning signs from this beautiful planet. Open your window, walk outside and appreciate what we have. Have a great day.

Good morning from Melbourne

It is a beautiful sunny day with a 32C expected temperature. It is very dry with hardly any green grass. Yesterday I heard a range of sirens which no doubt were going to more fires and emergency. I also read this morning about more evacuations. So sad. I hope everyone survives the fires. Please donate to the Australian Red Cross to help anyone during this difficult time. https://www.redcross.org.au/?gclid=CjwKCAiAqqTuBRBAEiwA7B66hSP2pYkKg9WnNCiM24tvzgReB84Pga22HaqR3qeCmgLZIJcHUhMW8RoCOAwQAvD_BwE

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42C in Melbourne comparing to China

Shanghai Disney World

I had the pleasure of working in Shanghai, China for 3 months Lecturing/Tutoring recently and it was an amazing experience. Everything was bigger and on a larger scale and very educational. The train stops were further apart, I walked most days at least 4 hours a day purely because it was bigger because to drive I had to get a license in China. It was hot most days.

What are the differences. Well the air quality was a lot worse in Shanghai and then when I visited and Beijing it was even more so. In comparison air quality in Melbourne today is 36 which is good. In Shanghai it is currently 161 which is unhealthy while in Beijing surprisingly today it is 40 which is good. It is Winter in China while Summer in Melbourne. In Summer Beijing was always a lot worse. I recommend an air quality APP s o you can check. However with the recent fires in Sydney it was reported that Sydney was worse than China. This is concerning. I believe in Australia and the world we should look at things like air quality and try and minimize pollution and seriously contribute to global sustainability.

Did I wear a mask? In Shanghai no, in Beijing I tried to. What I discovered was that your glasses fog up (I no longer wear glasses full time) and when this happens it is very hard to see. Also, 90% of the people don’t wear masks probably because they realize that they simply do not work, except for the people that believe they are useful for Hay-fever.

Would I recommend going to China? Absolutely! it was an amazing experience and I miss China. I got to tick of a few bucket list items like going to The Great Wall of China, Tienanmen Square, Shanghai Tower, many things. public transport is very cheep and punctual. I have a lot to tell you about China, more another day..so stay tuned. Lid

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