Strength in mindset. Have an awesome day. Video attached

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Don’t be in a hurry or you will miss something amazing. Have an awesome day! Videos attached

I often hear people saying they wish this year was over or children wish they are grown up and I think no you don’t want to do that. What if this year also holds your greatest happiness, you never know. You should let life play itself out and enjoy the ride.

Today in Melbourne. Lockdown 3 October 2020


I can only travel 5 kilometers, shops in shopping centre closed except for food places like Woolworths and Coles, one or 2 coffee places. I can’t get a haircut, go to beauticians, hairdressers, remedial massage because they are closed.

I order things online and some take 2-3 months, stocks are missing so some things you can’t even find when you order online.

I miss sitting down for a coffee, miss sitting down for a meal, miss having a manicure and a haircut or going to a gym. I feel trapped, sad and sometimes angry (which isn’t in my nature) as a I daily see in people around me. People’s Government funding is now reduced, no idea re when the economy will be back. I am a Lecturer who spent years studying and now I don’t know when I can find a job. It is stressful.

My son is at home and I see anger and sadness in him and a fear that he hardly goes out. The Premier sais he has achieved..I am an optimist, but hard to see achievement here. I see sorry. Lots and lots of sorrow.

There was no reason re curfew, I don’t see evidence re 5km rule, I don’t understand the lack of ownership regarding the Hotel Quarantine debacle. I see crime increase. Daily I read of theft, crime etc from people’s houses. I see Bullying from this Government (and I am reasonable). I see Human rights trampled on. I see a Police State being destroyed and that is from an optimist.

Embrace you. Have an awesome day! Video and information attached

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2020 has been challenging to say the least. Don’t forget to appreciate you. Have a spa bath, try and get a massage from someone, let in some aromatherapy to lift your mood, exercise, eat health and drink lots of water. read something or do something positive.

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