Your Saving Graces in Business. My tips

MyZen.Blog Business advice

Treat how you would like to be treated.

Instead of making public statements and blame that may have future ramifications, discuss ways forward, how bad situations can be improved. The fact is no one wants to have negative publicity.  Look at the world from their perspective. If you work with people they will respond better and there may be less or no feelings of hurt, resentment and desire to retaliate.

Do not burn your Bridges

If you have decided to leave a job, are angry with staff or a specific person, Country etc please think before you say something. You never know when you may need or meet, and in what capacity further down the line. The more harmful things that are said the greater the impact.

Say sorry and/or have a backup plan.

No one is perfect. You have IT issues, admit it; if they are really bad, reschedule. If you have said something publicly that may have offended, grab your hat in had and say sorry. Work towards better outcomes. If you have not made the deadline, admit it and have on offer what you have achieved.

Not everyone is what they are in their current job

In these Economic COVID19 times it is important to realize there are a lot of sensitivities and people may do many things just to survive. This includes people taking jobs beyond their qualifications, desires, and ambitions. Therefore, you should be especially kind to people.  The key is to talk to people, find out what makes them be the person they are. Maybe they have gone through a personal tragedy, separated from a partner, financially they are having difficulty, someone in their family may have COVID19 or they have had it and they still do not feel 100%.

What is in it for you, you may ask? Money! The money you save because you communicate with your employees and they feel more satisfied and are unlikely to leave. The money you save trying to find another employee/colleague. Personal satisfaction for you and your company because you care and work in partnership with staff. Finally, a better reputation.

Support is there if you need it

Realize that you too may be finding COVID19 difficult or dealing with particular situation. There are always experts, staff and others that can work with you for better / quicker outcomes.

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