Eureka moment-Do you want soft feet? Are you tired of hard heels and want soft feet? You must read this.

BALI - Fish Eating My Feet! - YouTube

After years of trying to have amazing feet these are my recommendations. You should regularly exercise at least one hour a day..4 is best. Yes, 4 hours walking/exercise per day! So, if your feet are a tad on the hard side and you want soft feet, these are your options:

  • Podiatrist (always recommended to see qualified specialist. You can claim on Healthcare fund or it it may be funded by Medicare (depending on your circumstances). They will recommend best shoes, best feet care, test for any damage etc.
Who Is a Podiatrist? When To Go See One?
  • Feet washers/pedicure places (You must be careful. These may be unhygienic and staff may not be qualified so the potential for infection is high). Feel good, especially with essential oils but can do without.
How You Can Avoid an Infection From a Salon Pedicure – Health Essentials  from Cleveland Clinic
  • Fish pedicure (also known as a fish spa, involves patrons dipping their feet in a tub of water filled with small fish called Garra rufa). Enjoyable but may not be hygenic.
BALI - Fish Eating My Feet! - YouTube
  • Walking on beach sand/in beach water (feels good and is good for your feet but your feet will not get soft feet in one session.
Why do my feet get sore after walking on the beach? – Umina Podiatry
  1. Self care (lots of products that cost a lot of money and may not work).
    • Products I have tested .
      • Heel balms are a rip off and may not work. The podiatrist recommends only a small quantity for these to work but to me these were a waste of money. Cost $50-$200 and still not work
      • Metal scrapers/shavers – these can work but are sever and you may cause damage. Scrapers/graters are not generally recommended by Podiatrists. I would leave this for the podiatrist to do for you (however, costly). Cost $5-$50
      • Scholl-expensive, they break down, the motor slows at times, need to replace parts or entire machine, costly. Limited success. Cost $50 plus

You must clean and wash your feet regularly, cut your nails. A foot mask may assist. Cost approximate $15-25. These are supposed to help peel the dead skin. It is nothing like the advertisement, but they do help soften your feet. Do you really need one? Not if your feet are soft and you use the below regularily.

What does work- believe it or not. Total cost $10 Chemist Warehouse, Woolworths and other retail stores. Put some petroleum Jelly/Vaseline on your feet and then wear sox overnight to soften your feet. Then, use the Chiro sponge $4 tops to give yourself the most amazing soft feet. BEST THING EVER. These help get rid of corns too. Pumice soap is also ok.

Moisturize with

Vaseline Intensive Care Body Lotion Aloe Soothe 225ml

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