Today in Melbourne. Swimming with restrictions, 20 November 2020 My COVID19 restricted swimming experience.

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I haven’t gone swimming in about a year. I was living and working in China (before COVID19), then COVID19 came, plus restrictions. I could feel muscles I haven’t used in swimming groaning at me, but I love the no pain, no gain. I also love working out period; even sweating.

So, how did you go you may ask? You have to book on line with an hour window which makes it a tad difficult with factoring you don’t run late, there is no traffic etc. The good thing about swimming with restricted numbers is that there are less people=more parking=no lines in changing rooms.

Then, while you are happily swimming your laps, the bombshell announcement comes from the Life Guard. Actually, it is 45 mins swimming, 15 minutes for you to pack up. I have to remember where people’s, belongings are he says, as I have to wipe that area clean, as he pulls down his mask because it is hard to hear him. DOH! No music, no socializing, no chatter from people.

I seriously think there should be a mandate on extremely hairy people to remove the fur. Going into the changing room I wondered about the tap I would have to handle and the soap dispenser and doors. I think there should be new COVID19 touchless building codes.

I also wondered who and at what time are the changing rooms cleaned etc as I saw no visible person for these tasks. Likewise, wondered the usefulness of wearing masks considering the people with noses sticking out and crappy surgical disposable masks. I always think back to the front line Doctor that got COVID19 through his eyes.

Would I go again? The truth is I love yes. Is there risk? Sure risk is everywhere. In China you are not allowed in the water without a Medical Certificate clearing you for safety. I wonder if this might be good idea. But then how thorough are Doctors?

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