What have we learned from Tertiary providers being deregistered?

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Buying off the shelf shelf curriculum resources that include marking guides, marking documents, Books, PowerPoints and other resources is not sufficient just to maximize profit. Neither is trying to pay staff the minimum possible rates. Staff need to protect their reputation and that of the Tertiary Educator. Resources are limited in time & need to be thoroughly checked for quality/standards, including mapping, and International Standards. Some are not even prepared by Educators or bought by people who have the knowledge and Education to assess these. Obligations to students, staff and the wider community for an environment that is safe, a culture that promotes equity, and an administration that adopts the highest standards of probity and accountability in all its operations must occur. Legislation obligations should always be noted; eg Whistleblowers Legislation, Privacy, Quality and standards as per ASQA, TESQA, (ESOS) National Code etc.


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