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Last night I happened to watch a show about this woman who believed that there would come a time where there would be a day when there would be chaos without petrol in her area in the USA. She was preparing by getting physically fit, learning how to defend herself, taking first aid courses, going to a shooting range learning how to shoot, learning how to survive in various instances. For example, knowing that if she didn’t have a knife to use a rock. In my life I have gone through a Gas, Electricity. Water crissis, Recessions and now COVID19. I have also had times when I ran out of phone battery and didn’t have things that made me fearful. For example when ATMs didn’t work and I needed money.

I used to laugh at Dooms Day people who went to the extremes but you know what, I seriously believe there are things we need to do to survive COVID19 and other such emergencies should they arise.

Top of my list is to be as physically fit and without humanly possibly without drugs and medications simply because we can’t rely on something that may not be available in times of emergency. I know with my parents they tell them medications are limited. Also, frankly the healthy you are the more stamina to withstand things, So walk, run, strength exercise daily.

Eat Healthy. It is easy to maximize your health and find food if you have a habit towards healthy. Mental Health also is important. Drink lots of water, read in addition to exercise and eating healthy.

Learn things that may help you. I would put First Aid with a First Aid Kit , Solar and battery Torches, Learning how to survive in a variety of landscapes and circumstances. For example Morse code, How to make Fire, How to survive without Utilities. I would imagine if more people knew First Aid we could help each other when difficulties arise.

Know how to defend yourself if attacked or your personal safety is compromised.

Learn how to keep your House, Cars etc safe. learn how to best care for people who may not have your strength and knowledge. Learn how to care for your family if there were no Hospital Beds. Save some emergency money and try and keep out of debt. Learn how to live without IT while also storing additional batteries etc. Have a ‘prepare for emergency kit’ with maybe some essentials..rope, light camping gear etc.


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