Today in Melbourne. Lockdown 3 October 2020


I can only travel 5 kilometers, shops in shopping centre closed except for food places like Woolworths and Coles, one or 2 coffee places. I can’t get a haircut, go to beauticians, hairdressers, remedial massage because they are closed.

I order things online and some take 2-3 months, stocks are missing so some things you can’t even find when you order online.

I miss sitting down for a coffee, miss sitting down for a meal, miss having a manicure and a haircut or going to a gym. I feel trapped, sad and sometimes angry (which isn’t in my nature) as a I daily see in people around me. People’s Government funding is now reduced, no idea re when the economy will be back. I am a Lecturer who spent years studying and now I don’t know when I can find a job. It is stressful.

My son is at home and I see anger and sadness in him and a fear that he hardly goes out. The Premier sais he has achieved..I am an optimist, but hard to see achievement here. I see sorry. Lots and lots of sorrow.

There was no reason re curfew, I don’t see evidence re 5km rule, I don’t understand the lack of ownership regarding the Hotel Quarantine debacle. I see crime increase. Daily I read of theft, crime etc from people’s houses. I see Bullying from this Government (and I am reasonable). I see Human rights trampled on. I see a Police State being destroyed and that is from an optimist.

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