Today in Melbourne, 5 August 2020 Photos attached

What is it like in Melbourne you may ask in Lockdown Stage 4? Not a happy place frankly. The few shops that are open close early. At 3pm the Fruit and Vegetable place was starting to close as was Target around 4pm for cleaning and lack of customers. Restricted to one shopper plus reluctance by people to go out makes for a Ghost Town. Dotto re Streets wit 8pm to 5am curfew. While previously you could see happy faces when restrictions were relaxed, now we have angry, grumpy and sad people. I had a lady push into my personal space and less than the 1.5 metres distancing and when I protested she got angry at me. Unbelievable. The days are Sunny but very cold. Yet, the flowers seem to protest for an early Spring. Lots of promotion re Australian which is nice. I am so over cooking.

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