Today in Melbourne 7 July 2020-Victoria back in Lock down Link and photos attached

I didn’t panic when the announcement came regarding a further 6 weeks of lock down but being rational I thought I better get some cat food and one or two items. Then, you have to que to get into Woolworths and then you see what people are grabbing (dunny paper and pasta) and being a rational person you think I better get some too and so the chain begins again. Depressing really. then you wake up and the media is flooded with more COVID19 news again. Wonder if we were punished for having a complacent attitude?

Meanwhile, my son (looking at the TV) sais, ‘how come you don’t cook that?’ I look at him (who eats every 15 mins as a growing teenager) and say because I am running away from home as I am so over cooking. He laughed at me. Where will you go mum? LOL Smart ass.

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