Today at Preston Market, Victoria, 20 June 2020

I went to Preston Market to day followed by a trip to the local supermarket. I noticed the market closed a little earlier to clean etc. Frankly there were bottlenecks of too many people in places and I ended up trying to avoid the very crowded areas to try and socially distance. It was laughable. When I did try and socially distance in a line people said I was lined up too far or people would enter my space. Frankly I feared for my safety more than once in case I got something from someone. I did notice the market now had a huge new Organic and Australian made area. Also, signs throughout the market identifying Australian produce and seafood. Very few people wore masks of various quality and not put on correctly. The prices in the market were cheap to reasonable. Crowd was noisy to quiet.

At the supermarket stocks were normal. No more places where things were out of stock or missing. The world is full of sanitizers! Gloves in parts etc. No one really policing it correctly and people being being careless disposing things.

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