Shopping, Shanghai, 9 June 2019

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My biggest hurdles when I shopped were the fact that I was shopping for myself only, had a very small fridge and the distance from the Malls as I didn’t have a car. I had a staff trolley that I would occasional use as I enjoyed walking or I would get a Taxi which cost me maximum $7. I often just bought lunch. It was easier and cheap. I have never in my existence seen so many varieties of eggs, so many varieties of exotic fruits and vegetables. I was surprised that there were ties to France. French Shopping Malls (a mix of Chinese and Western, Banquettes and even French Swan Lake.

The best markets are located in Tourist areas. One is the Xiangyang Market which is located at the underground train station near the Science and Technology Museum. Do not buy fake iphones! They will not work in Australia. Do buy pearls, silk, traditional Chinese goods just barter starting with the 1/3 of the price and stay to that as much as possible. Chinese 24K Gold is stunning and reasonably cheap. At the market there are a few food places, Hands down the best Spring rolls with fresh pastry in my life. My Google Translate APP was what I used and WChatt.

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