Today in Shanghai, 1 June 2019

MyZen.Blog. Video attached, The breath taking Jing’An Temple 

Jing’An Temple is a place of magic. Dreaming of the most beautiful place on Earth, this is really one of my favorites. I wish I was there many many years ago and enjoyed it as my Palace. Nearby is the most amazing shopping mall that literally takes you forever to walk in with Food and shops from all over the world. Monks now live there. The temple was first built in 247 AD in the Wu Kingdom during the Three Kingdoms period of ancient China and was named Hudu Chongyuan Temple.. When it was originally built, it was located beside the Suzhou Creek. In 1216 during the Song Dynasty, it was relocated to its present address. Around the Temple are also upmarket expensive and amazing antiques that you can buy. Entry isn’t expensive. See Below link

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