Today in Shanghai, 31 May 2019


The most amazing vending machines with all kinds of things exist in Shanghai. A long term Shanghai Ozi suggested I try Dominos. Seriously, the worst Pizza ever. I ordered a Hawaiian. It had traces of plastic substitute cheese. Pineapple juice squeezed in the base (no slices on top), sugar and 4 prawns on the whole thing. It was like a pineapple doughnut. McDonalds was same as in Oz. KFC was a lot drier than here. It had crumbled bones in the patties for extra taste, The chips were ok and I would eat one drumstick every so often. I am not a fan of junk food but I like to compare and see differences. While you can get the best food in large Malls and in the City, most of the time it was difficult. I just couldn’t eat some flavors plus quality places were far away and I walked mostly. I cooked but for one person really couldn’t be bothered aside from wanting quality meals every so often.

It was handy in the night when my hotel lit up. Shanghai is very safe (cameras everywhere plus security and police) but I liked to be home before dark if I could; especially since cars narrowly miss you when you cross pedestrian crossings since the street are huge. There were lots of dogs and cats around the place. As pets and street cats (sad). If you are ever in Shanghai please go to Goodfellas. Yumi food to die for.

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