One year ago today, the contrasts of Shanghai China


Popular Spots – Basketball, Table tennis, Badminton, Soccer, Running, lots of Tai Chi in the Parks (I did 4 before I left and I really enjoyed the music and togetherness).

Road rules-I have seriously seen like 6 people on on moped (bike/motorcycle mix) including children with no helmets, 50 chairs all tied together. It was amazing. Police often stop people looking at ID cards. The streets are so large, people swerve at you when you are crossing the road and narrowly miss you.

Sex – my students were very innocent I was told. I was told off one day because my top was at an angle and I exposed my shoulder. I was amused. You also have to watch your language re any swearing etc. Otherwise, it is a very sexual society. Wolf whistles, Adult Toy shops, condoms etc in local shops, student campus.

The Streets – swept constantly. Workers cleaning everywhere daily. They were massive. The gardens are beautiful.

Stairs as I said are everywhere. I have never in my existence climbed so many stairs. I now officially like stairs while previously I avoided them.

Pork, Chicken and Seafood are common. Beef and dairy not as much. I wasn’t a fan of dumplings. My colleague loved them.

I couldn’t find shoe sizes for me unless I was in the city.

Weather was very warm. Nicer with less pollution days obviously.

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