Today in Melbourne 19 May 2020.


I am not sure why, but there were lots of Police men, probably because this was a larger Shopping Centre. Myer was closed, so on line was the go. Skin care products like Lush and The Body shop had no more smelling the products or touching them, no more samples. It gets really hard to chose cosmetic colors as a result. Tx Max (American company), Uniglow and another retailer (all Japanese owned) were open. I noticed that shops close an hour earlier for hygiene. There was sanitary hand pumps everywhere. however no one was really making any effort to police things. Most wore nothing, some various masks with not much protection or understanding on the correct masks or how to wear them or understand you that you can’t re-use disposable ones. There was lots of where to step and diagrams on social distancing; even though people did their own thing. Who knew there is anti fog glasses, nappies for dogs and peeled chestnuts. It felt like we were in one of those movies where the aliens took over and people were gone.

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