Today in The Bund, Shanghai China (the city). One year ago.


Every building you enter had steps This was my first trip to the Bund, I would come here many times. Food here was amazing. A mixture of attempted Western and Chinese. Pasta places were dry pasta and nothing like Italian..but when China is a tea country, not a coffee place. My go to place was surprisingly Starbucks. These are located everywhere. Can I compare tea in China to is different. there are so many assortments of tea, fruit, green etc etc. There is good tea and crappy tea. The best ones are usually in Malls, tourist places or the city and there are numerous tea houses and tea ceremonies designed for you to buy more tea, tea cups etc. I finally found good quality grain bread that I took home.

I seriously loved the miniature cars, vans etc. So adorable. There are lots of Western places with mixed flavors and always with complimentary warm tea or water with lemon. I found it helped with digestion. The sweets here were also to die for. Amazing ice-creams and marshmallow, nuts etc. Mr and Mrs Bund was on my list to go to. The most amazing French restaurant.

Money – I found a travel money card easier for me. Money goes in with Australian currency and you can take it out in Yuan or Chen. My colleague had a Chinese bank account and used Wechat to pay for things, but she had been there almost a year. WeChat is awesome. you can scan things in Chinese and it can translate them to your language. Handy when shopping.

Chinese Medicine – I found lots of my students relied on Chinese Medicine and there were quite a few places around Shanghai.

Street Hawkers – it is common to run into these at tourist places and anywhere really. They sell counter-fit products. If you don’t care that it is not an original product and the chances you can get caught by the police, haggle. Start with 30% of what they want and no more than 50%.

Big Brand shops – here you will also find original brands; Nike, M and Ms, Adidas etc etc. DO NOT BUY THESE. Way overpriced, online is cheaper. I found the majority of my Chinese students bought everything on line.

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