Today in Shanghai, China a year ago


As I taught most of the week and it is impossible to have internet and social media working in China, so some days I couldn’t send many photos back home. I also basically had to teach with constant IT issues and no Internet for the majority of my classes which was a huge difference. The cultural changes, food changes, weather (Spring but with pollution) and constant selfie requests with me from the Chinese, was a huge adjustment. I also had a Class Monitor to assist me (he knew more English than the rest), plus there were obvious class leaders that helped the rest. This was both helpful and not always to my advantage. I found out that the monitor worked with the Chinese Faculty and often what happened in class; wrong or right went straight to the head. There was also a Student Representative. Being the person I am..they soon got to love me and vice

Photos today are around Shanghai, 2nd Polytechnic University. For the life of me I have no idea how the Chinese consumed entire banquets for lunch etc. I could never eat as much. But China is big and it is nothing for people to walk at least 4 hours a day so I guess that is where it went. Students ordered food in from Uber like drivers or ate at the Canteen. There was also the campus restaurant. Seriously, I learnt I would rather stab myself than eat there. Just different flavors to Australia that my stomach couldn’t accept. I brought my own lunch; Tuna and a piece of bread stick and some fruit most days. Nearby there were Chinese sit down food places. In China there is little quality bread (most has sugar and refined flour) and no grain crackers. The only bread I used was from Chinese/French bakeries and only Baguettes. I liked the garlic ones. I followed students and found what they ate was mostly OK. There was also KFC (with crumbled bones for flavor)..I made do with one drumstick and some chips, A Pizza Hut (had yabbies and crap),..stay away from there! Also, entire Bullfrog restaurants; not my thing. The nearest place with International Groceries at the University was Carrefour, which is a French, Multinational Grocery chain. I found John West Tuna, and things I could use there. I didn’t eat much street food frankly because it did not look hygienic.

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