Today in Shanghai, China, one year ago


Although large shopping centres and large buildings are quite clean there are also many small cluttered places in Shanghai that may not have the best hygiene, but that is probably the same in this part of the world and in Europe and everywhere else where it is an older civilization and people’s practices are different. China is more spread out and with very large streets. It takes you longer to walk to the nearest convenience shop. It tool me a good hour to get to nearby shops.

There is amazing and unusual fruit and vegetables that I had not seen before. Like the Chinese bayberry. It has a stone in the middle while the outside has small little grape like bursts. Yummy. You should try it.

I have also googled free typical Chinese apartment images and attached those for you. You must remember that these apartments may have up to 5 or more people living in them. Naturally the vary in age, look etc.

Sweetome Boutique Apartment Shanghai East Nanjing Road Entire ...
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