A year ago, today in Shanghai, China. My experiences for the next 3 months.


China (High Speed) Train Travel Map, Routes & Tours

I am taking you on a journey through my experience in China and Lecturing there. This is my first exerience.

Security – every day when you go to the train station your bag is scanned and at times you get a body scan. Initially I had to present my passport too but they get to know you after a while and don’t do it all the time in the places you frequently visit. However virtually in all major places like Museums you do, At times there are more than 2 Officers.

Trains – are super fast and there is no such thing as being late. In minutes another train comes. To go to work I walked 50 minutes to go to the Train, swapped 2 trains, was there in 20 minutes (I did get lost a few times but the guards on the Train are awesome. My google translate APP is all that I needed). On most platforms you also have a counter with one person for extra help.

Hygiene – Every day you see Gardeners maintaining the gardens, people sweeping pathways and wiping trains and absolutely everything.

The people – helpful, generous, friendly and they love a selfie with westerners. I felt like a Tourist attraction. Please look at my photos at the smiling faces.

The food – like anywhere you have to look at where your food comes from. There is a lot of yabbie fishing from local polluted rivers. Nuts could have pesticides..usually give these a miss.Beef comes from USA and Australia with little flags and for them is expensive and not readily available. Ditto re daily. Dairy comes from France, Australia and USA mostly and comes from the Shopping Centers which are at least 1 hour away walking. ull Frogs are eaten but I gave them a miss. Also, some spices didn’t agree with me so although I tried to be adventurous with food I ended up being careful because you can be violently ill. To die for was amazing pineapple, exotic fruits and some of the largest vegetables I have ever seen. Ice cream is amazing too. There are French shopping centers with International food. Outside of these there are markets that meat is salted, otherwise it is refrigerated.There are also 7/11 type grocery stores, bakeries, McDonalds, KFC, Dominos, etc. not all the same food as in OZ.

Steps – they are everywhere. I have never climbed so many in my life. Up and down pltforms, up into toilets and shopping centres. Everywhere.

Building works – definitely less than Oz. Hence I had to be careful with broken cement here and there and uneven.

Driving – you can’t drive in China unless you have their driving tests.

Where people live – mostly tiny apartments.

Taxis – Cheap but trains/buses are cheapest. Similar to Met cards are used.

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