Today in Melbourne, 5 May 2020


Despite a local teacher testing positive for COVID 19, quite a lot of people didn’t appear to be too bothered and more shops were opened in lieu of Mother’s Day coming up and people hoping for less restrictions announced by the Morrison Government on Friday.

Shops – 45% open, rest closed. Everyone still lining up for hair cuts. Massage and Beauty shops closed. Stocks 99.9% there. The things that were still missing were sanitizing soap and hand soap and wipes. Toilet paper and tissue prices have dropped. Huge discounts by some shops.

People – keen to socialize while ‘social distancing’. Kids coming too.

Clever marketing? Some shop owners used masks on clothes dummies. Evian rejuvenation water spray for the Moro Olive oil having a change of image=part copying Cobram look plus black=apparently sophisticated.

Significant changes – no testing lipsticks/makeup any more. It was difficult to buy without samples. All nuts were now in wrapping, no per kilo purchasing.

Banned – Play areas for kids, sitting. socializing on tables continued to be banned. (Despite some still trying to socialize standing).

Petrol prices – continued to drop to 95C in some areas and as low as petrol prices 5 may 2020..see below graph.

Masks – virtually non existent.

Sanitizer – in most shops and in general areas.

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