My special message to you.. I can see smiles ahead.


The Five Stages of Grief in Lament for a Son | Owlcation

Today, I feel as a giant bomb (Covid19) has exploded and it is all about the blame game and social media and the news and frankly most of the world has become angry. Lives have been lost, jobs have been lost, there is an uncertain future and understandably people are angry.

Today, instead of going in the side of a shopping center that was marked enter, I went in the wrong way on purpose. I can see the same rebellion in people’s faces, the same confusion and loss, the desire to somehow regain control. Do I have a miracle answer to help people; no I don’t. What I can promise people is that the World has survived a lot of catastrophes and in time this too shall pass. World wars, Terrorism and the Twin Towers Collapse, Great Depression, the death of loved ones, job loses, job restructures, etc. These are among the many sad and violent things that have impacted all of us and we survived despite everything.

When you are feeling down, look up at the beautiful sky, feel the sun on your face as you look up, rain on your finger tips and appreciate that with every challenge in life there is learning, growth and the possibility of better outcomes. We (everyone in this world) is going through the same emotions and experiences with individual variances of course. Please be kind to yourself (exercise, read, eat healthy, drink water), others, animals and this precious planet and above all don’t forget to hope, smile and appreciate each day.

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