Today in Melbourne


Hands – Gloves..with and without. Rubber and plastic.

Buying..a lot more people were buying.

Petrol Prices today Unleaded 92C per litre.

Stores – Closed and not closed..or closed some days and others logic. places previous staff were missing and new staff idea what happened.

Masks – Cloth, paper, with patterns and not. Different brands, half on and half not, put on properly and not.

Sanitizers and mask sellers – all formulas and designs. Prices all over the place.

The Centre..smelled of fresh lemon.

Some mannequins amused and naked.

The how stupid am I. I raised my concern to delicatessen staff about the fact that the paper numbers for serving priority were being handled by many pointed out that in other places they were no longer used. The woman stared at me, laughed and said well good luck serving people without them and joked with her fellow staff about it being a stupid idea.

Social distancing..a joke. I kept away but people came in my space. Most did their own thing.

Johnson baby powder still being sold despite losing a huge case regarding being Cancer causing.

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