Be careful of sensitivities..China vs World and vice versa


Scott Morrison meets Chinese Premier as Australia hopes to emerge ...

When you live in China you get to know a little about how the Chinese think.

China..Investigate us? No students for universities, tourism, wine and beef Mr Cheng cited to a China backlash.

Senator Payne (Australia) criticized China for linking an economic backlash to Australia’s push for an inquiry.

So, in a nut shell, what we have here folks is China not liking being questioned (the reality is that although initially they we not transparent, they did try and be very helpful and provide as much information as possible later. The WHO and others said as much. Being investigated=no trust in their processes, fear of the unknown if the Western view puts blame on them and this will then affect for them Trade etc=so they retaliate. Every day I read Twitter, news etc re anti Chinese sentiment, people saying they will no longer buy Chinese etc. This gravely concerns me. We are taught in International Business about effective communication in different cultures. We are taught to work with companies and people globally as this brings a wealth of products, services, diversity, and greater markets. Yes, everyone is outraged regarding COVID19. Did anyone on Earth want COVID19; no!

Yes, if the world feels an investigation should be made then one should happen. However, instead of using public arenas by both Governments there is a way to communicate better and in an empathetic way by all. There should be no tolerance for bullying or discrimination of any kind. Think of the worst possible scenario here; after COVID19 do we want another World War? I think not. China, Australia, USA and others think please; stopping the exchange of Goods and Services may hinder you more than you may initially consider even though yes there can always be improvement. Respect all around, no threats.

Should we stop buying Chinese or China not providing other markets? The choice is for the consumer. Choice is easy, consequences are not. I promote Australian made and I am saddened at the huge loss of job numbers due to progress on all fronts, cutting margins/quality, technological changes etc. However, can we wind back the clock and start from scratch and deny all changes to the world in the previous 5 decades or so? No, we can’t. This should be a lesson in learning, doing business better, smarter and for long term sustainability in relationships, business, trade etc. not for making enemies.

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