Will we ever relax after COVID19 ?


At the moment Australia has a pretty good track record re COVID19. Not so other countries. For example, USA, Spain and Italy. If someone offered me a free ticket to these countries, begs the question, would I go? Also, if so, after what time will I feel safe?

Many have developed a new hygiene ritual, a distrust of others, a change in mindset. I know when I shop around I can see people’s faces. They are tired. stressed, wound up, have changed their level of trust. Then, there are the jobs? What if companies see the advantage for remote working (no rent, no OHS to pay, perhaps new contractor arrangements with more responsibility on the employee). Therefore, this will impact on Unions and awards and everything else. The payments will be for 6 months, then what? After 6 months it doesn’t mean that the country will be 100% returned to what it was. What if people then can’t cope? This has been an unprecedented traumatic experience. When this occurs people can change for ever. We have seen the increase in family violence. So how many children will become displaced and traumatized as a result of this? I seriously hope for the best but expect the worst.


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