MyZen.Blog The Pledge/The Movement

My greatest wish is for the world to adopt a happier, healthier and more responsible state of being for the advantage of health, happiness, animals/birds/fish and Planet.

The Pledge: Simply

Look after me (Eat healthy, exercise, drink plenty of water)

Look after you (Be kind to others, listen and try and understand different points of view without judgement)

Look after world (Commit to trying to Recycle, Re-Use, minimize impact to the World, animals, birds and fish).

Just a promise from everyone to themselves will be awesome. If you wish to purchase MyZen.Blog T-Shirt you are more than welcome.

MyZen.Blog Pledge T Shirt

Large Unisex T-Shirt sign A plus postage and Handling


MyZen.Blog Pledge

Pledge Design B Unisex T-Large Size Plus Postage and Handling


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