Is our privacy and health compromised daily?


Go into Chemist Warehouse, Hospitals and Local Medical Clinics and you are temperature tested, asked to put sanitizer on and even to sign in. While some retailers ask you to wear gloves before you buy fruit and then we have the social distancing rules. Yes, if asked I do these things but my concerns are these:

Are these people doing random temperature tests correctly and do they have the right to do this?

No one sanitized the pen. I refused to sign until gloves were given to me.

While boxes of gloves are left for customers, everyone is putting their hands into that one box. Is this really a good practice?

Not all sanitizers are equal. While I was asked to use 3 different bottles of sanitizer when I washed my hands I could see a lot of dirt. My view, washing is best.

Who regulated and enforced these new procedures?

Will we be asked for mandatory physical checks to enter our jobs soon?

In China (before COVID19) if you wanted to swim you had to have a full medical test..will we be heading to this in the future?

Some shops do not have shops designed for the social distancing rules and are quite small in places.

You can social distance, but frequently people go into your space despite protests.

What rights if any do we have regarding our personal space, privacy etc as consumers?

Has anyone tried to cross the road without pressing a traffic light button? Can’t be done. I wonder how much of COVID19 is easily passed on outside confined areas.

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