Easy Recipe – Sarma (Cabbage Rolls)


Cabbage leaves (washed with water to remove salt)

Mince pork/beef (lean) 500 grams-1 kilo..up to you. This is optional. You can just use rice for vegan variety. Sunflower oil as needed for frying.

1 Tablespoon Vegetta stock/vegetable stock, Black pepper pinch or more , 1 Table spoon Cayene Pepper, 1 cup Brown rice. (For vegan dish add more rice).

  1. Remove the cabbage leaves and wash them in water to remove salt.
  2. Lightly fry mince so that it doesn’t look raw in the oil.*
  3. Add the flavoring ingredients. *
  4. On a wooden board place each cabbage leaf flat, (remove some of the hard stem; this is thrown in the pot as a filler) and roll up the mixed ingredients.*
  5. Place the rolls in a pot and any hard stems.
  6. Cover in warm water, bring to boil and then simmer until leaves are tender.
  7. When almost cooked fry some plane flour (2-3 tablespoons) in some sun flour oil, add 1 tablespoon cayenne pepper and pour into pot. Mix carefully with a spoon.
  8. Yummi with crusty bread or on its own. You can leave some for next few days or even freeze some.

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