Masks, revisited and COVID19

China COVID-19 shut-in tunes in to the world via radio - Marketplace

The reality is we don’t really want to wear masks, there is a social stigma about wearing them but we do not want the COVID19. If you seriously believe a mask or gloves can protect you 100%, I hate to break it to you but the answer is a definite No! I am sure deep down you know this but you keep asking because you may be scared of the COVID19 and you see others wearing a variety or none at all. A Coronavirus Doctor got the COVID19, despite wearing masks via his eyes. According, to The American Ophthalmology (March 2020 website. link attached) you can get COVID19 through your eyes, causing pink eyes. Further details on how you catch the COVID19, attached.

The facts: wear masks if the Department of Health in your country tells you to wear one. It may be legislation with a fine attached. They have probably consulted a variety of experts and you may have to follow guidelines. In Australia, as per the current legislation, unless you are unwell or in the medical profession you do not need to wear masks. The ACCC has different legislation that governs masks and mask production. You need to make sure they are fit for purpose and they actually do the job that they were designed to do. Alternatively, you can also make your own. Link attached.

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