Now is the time for Action. Listening to the wake up call for our planet.

Coronavirus affecting the environment
Swans coming back to Venice as a result of no traffic

My greatest wish during the COVID19 is that everyone in the entire planet looks at the sharp decline in pollution and greenhouse gases (articles attached) , and resultant improvements in air quality. wild life etc and really thinks about how they can contribute to this planet in this improvement individually and collectively. It would be a real shame when the world (hopefully) goes back from this stand still that pollution etc goes back again at the same rate or worse. World Leaders and all individuals, time to think and act now! During this time, how about considering:

Installing more Solar energy,

Limiting car traffic (consideration to change policy on the number of cars),

Money toward more Public Transport,

Employers provide funds for health and safety for remote workers,

More recycling. re-using. etc,

Plastic manufacturers look at alternatives,

We thinks about the harmful affects of additives and preservatives and sugar in products and commence action plans to avoid this,

We look at all packaging and how this can be reduced,

Grocery packaging..remember paper bags being used? I do.

There are so many things to do differently.

Please do not waste this opportunity, and pay attention to this warning sign of how precious life and this planet and animals are.

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