The world is going nuts with bogus conspiracy theories on COVID19:

blue and black mask illustration

My thoughts. No, I do not wish to have heated debates on these. It concerns me that so much energy is used for Conspiracy Theories rather than something something more productive. Recently, I was invited to numerous groups on various causes. I declined. It seems the world is going nuts with bogus conspiracy theories:

1. 5G caused the virus ( 4G is more toxic from what I read. If you believe this one then you better stop using your Micro-oven or buying most of the junk food/things with additives, preservatives from your local Supermarket, even fruit and vegetables with chemical anti-weed, disease and pests killing chemicals or fast food chains. I suggest you read stuff on Monsato (USA Chemical weed-killing company. Eg Roundup)

2. the USA sent the virus to China (Sure, they would kill their biggest market/supplier etc..nope),

3. Super rich did it to reduce the population (how would this benefit them? World Leaders and famous have also got it so makes no sense to me).

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