The Meeting- Two scared rabbits in a Boardroom

I went to my meeting today and there were a few challenges with COVID19 to say the least. I prepared for the hygene challenges. I brought with me sanitizing wipes, a plastic bag (for rubbish) and a note book in case I needed to tear pages to touch things and my own bottle of water.

Challenge one, pay parking. The choice was coins or card. As I had some coins I thought it might be easier to choose this option. What I didn’t figure is when you put the money in the slot there is the possibility of touching the metal as you insert the coins. I solved this by using paper (a juggling act with the phone etc in my bag not falling out) and then using the sanitizing wipes. Then, the parking ticket needed to be retrieved out of the slot so I took care with that. In the car I placed the rubbish in the plastic bag after wiping down everything in the car I touched.

Challenge two, lift buttons and doors. I tore some paper to touch lift buttons. Then, I washed my hands in the toilet and closed the tap and opened doors with paper.

Challenge three, sign in book. Forget sign in for me. LOL. It was good that there was sanitizer in places.

Challenge four, the boardroom. It was good that the CEO wiped down table etc and washed the glass. However, I used my own water bottle. No hand shake, just hi by both.

Finally, more washing and sanitizing. Meeting done. I seriously would have preferred Skype. However, being an optimist, it was nice that I was in a different part of Melbourne today. Oh, you want to know how the meeting went? It went great. However, it wasn’t what I was looking for.

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