Social skills and the COVID19

red and black f 1 car on road during daytime

When I used to walk before COVID19, people would be enjoying the day, say hello, maybe walk with a friend. Now, it is like you come close to a person and they have a look of fear. Almost move across the road (sadly ditto me). I fear one of these days that someone will be hit by a car from trying to avoid people.

However, the odd thing is when you do your shopping, people seem more relaxed. Like, yeah, we are all doing the same thing. Occasionally, there is chit chat. Not all places are designed for 1.5 meters in distance may I add and then it is a side shuffle. If you say something, people come closer to hear you while you move back. LOL.  Makes me wonder how much of the population needs hearing tests and Hearing Aids. I always love the security people that stand in the middle of the corridors, not fully to the required distance. I often feel like saying can you please move to the side.

In the streets, as you walk past, you come across them (the confined) looking over fences and side gates, through windows at times with sad faces and a look of what has this world come to?

My parents have taken to randomly messenger people around the world. Like, hello, you don’t know me, but many, many years ago your dad etc. The real excitement comes from their TV sets and Turkish dramas with Macedonian voice overs or subtitles. I always love seeing mouths from the actors moving at one speed and the words at another. It has been a whole week and they have been having internet issues and for a whole week I have been trying to contact TPG. They don’t pick up the phone but have chats that are either busy, you can’t get through or you get passed around until the chat drops off. Me thinks time for another provider.

Everyone is an expert it seems. Some have masks, some not. Some have masks and gloves. Some have designer masks. Guess we are all getting and understanding the correct messages..

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