Use your passion to achieve what makes you happy.. My philosophy


Photo of Toledo Museum of Art - Toledo, OH, United States. Howard Ben Tre; Bench for Claude Monod 2; cast glass, brass; 1990-92
Howard Ben Tre; Bench for Claude Monod 2; cast glass, brass; 1990-92

Everyone has unique likes, be it music, sport, the arts, interest in humanity, animals etc. One thing is for certain, without passion there is nothing to make you happy. Have you ever watched an artist designing a glass sculpture or a piece of furniture or a cake decorator, or a sportsman/woman, a musician etc without passion? The result is surely nothing to behold. But watch someone with passion; their commitment, their concentration, their love and their immense happiness on completion is euphoric.

Whatever it is that you have always wanted to do in your life, you should do it. Maybe locate the lost relative, learn a musical instrument, study, be an artist full time, take up pottery, design a product. learn a new skill, just do it!

What we have learnt since 2020 is that life and time is precious. Rather than feel overwhelmed, think about what haven’t you done that you really wanted to do. There are numerous online and self help books etc available to assist you. What have you been putting off that you passionately want to do or achieve? Decide, plan, achieve!

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