We all need TLC, someone to listen, to care..smile


Virtual Tour of Disney World attached.

Have you ever wondered why some people seem to be perceived as better people, more approachable and get ahead more? It is not Rocket Science and I hate to break it to you..the fact is no body really cares about you, especially in these stressful times. If for example, you go for an interview, don’t just prepare your answers, interact with those that are interviewing you and those you meet. It will say a lot to your potential boss if they ask the person on the desk what they thought of you and you didn’t smile, were not friendly and didn’t care about that staff member. Likewise, when you are being interviewed. Yes, they want a new staff member but they want to know if you fit with the team or your boss’s personality. For example, where you nice to your potential boss, did you show empathy, were you interested in anything about your potential boss, did you smile, were your friendly?

Today, you could be anywhere. For example, waiting to have a medical exam. It doesn’t hurt to treat the Receptionist, nurses etc nicely and ask them how their day is before you see the Doctor. Also, Doctors are people. Ask how their day is. You will be surprised how much better your experience is just because you listened and showed interest in other people.

Yes, every day is difficult, but you know, a laugh, some interest in others could motivate you to appreciate your life, you may feel better about your circumstances and you never know who can might be able to help you.

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