Finding positives


Hide-and-seek - Babies and toddlers - Educatall

Being an incurable optimist I don’t look at things negatively when they run out when I shop but positively,. For example, flour runs out and there is coconut flour. Hmm I say, haven’t tried that before. I will give it a go. Or the brand I like isn’t there I will try another brand. Or some people seem to have no problems finding toilet paper, I will try different shops, online, different times. So, now as long as I get a supply once a week I am fine.

So what have I found, cheaper brand stuff do the job quite well and I save money, I don’t stress because I am optomistic and I enjoy the challenge of challenging myself.

It is all about mind set. Like today, I will time how quickly I shop and try and do it in 10 mins or whatever.

No contact rule, maybe try getting kids to do hide and seek in the street. Get them to have time (at a distance) talking to each other, Hopefully, when the Coronavirus is over there will be less time spent on the computer and it is easier for them to be sociable.

We are all in it together. pop your head over the fence and see how your neighbors are handling things. Maybe share ideas. frustrations, joys. Buy a big bag of pet food and share it (hygienically of course).

Standing at the checkout I said loudly that now my life was complete as a result of getting my toilet paper. People laughed and shared there joy at getting some too. One too energetically I must say as she hugged the dunny paper. LOL

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