15 mins here, 15 mins there..aim for more exercise not less. Have an awesome day


Healthy Lifestyle Quotes — Quotes About Exercise and Health

I marvel when I read we should do at least 30 mins exercise a day. I am not a Doctor (and you should check with a Doctor before you do any long periods of exercise) but come on. We are mammals, we are designed to hunt and gather our food. We are not designed to sit in cars all day, or just buy food and sit in front of computers or TVs for hours.

In the past I would drive my car to the corner shop, now after going overseas for 3 months and having no car, I actually park my car as far as possible so that I can walk, will get off at one of end of the city to walk to the other end and I feel grumpy if I do not get at least 2 hours exercise per day, ideally 4. I teach my students to have half a day for them (exercise, meditation, family, other commitments) and half for sitting, learning etc. I wish I had this mindset when I did my HSC (year 12) back in the day. I would have coped a lot better.

This world is so fast past, at the moment there are so many stresses in life (Coronavirus, Job, etc). You seriously need exercise and to eat healthy and drink lots of water to be there for you and you loved ones.

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